Andrew Disney/Walt Ryan Mash-up

Posted On November 11, 2010

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Well, this is my mash-up. Like others, I had an idea and later discovered that someone else had already mashed it! My first idea was to combine video from Harry Potter, and audio from Fight Club. In my search for clips, I stumbled upon this video: Harry Potter Fight Club. This video was mostly likely better than mine was going to turn out, so I abandoned the idea. Then I had to move on to a different obsession of mine: Bioshock. This thought led me to an idea that I had while playing that game, that being the uncanny resemblance between Walt Disney and Andrew Ryan. Walt Disney and Andrew Ryan: two visionaries who both expanded upon an idea, creating two leviathans that today we’ve all grown to know and love. Disneyland and Rapture, one in the same.

Andrew Disney Mash-up from Thomas Hobbes on Vimeo.


7 Responses to “Andrew Disney/Walt Ryan Mash-up”

  1. Christopher

    HOLY SHIT. That is really creepy. I played Bioshock, and Damn it is awesome because the video part is in black and white. Juxtaposing Disney, a beloved child cartoonist, with Andrew Ryan, genius mad man, is truly hilarious, scary, and ingenious.

  2. Edward Martinez

    Wow, Andrew Ryan and Walt Disney do look similar. The audio also makes sense, especially since Rapture was meant to be this perfect place just like what Disney World kinda is. Big Daddy = Mickey Mouse , both giants and icons of their respective places

  3. Jim


  4. Sarah

    HaHa, awesome!
    Love how the crackliness of the audio pairs with that ancient video of Walt. I think my favorite part was when he said “I chose the impossible” and you had him looking at a model of Disneyland. TOO funny!

  5. Morrgan

    I have no words for this except . . . amazing. amazing amazing amazingly creepy. =]

  6. Il Mashup: some ds106 productions « bavatuesdays

    […] Ryan VS Walt Disney (A Bioshock mashup) I really enjoyed Garrett Bush’s simple and very powerful idea of taking an extended monlogue from Bioshock’s Andrew Rya and mapping it onto a film of Walt […]

  7. Bryan Alexander

    Terrific! And it feels so right.

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